Edicy was created in order to provide businesses and individuals a straightforward service that they could use to create professionally designed websites quickly without any technical knowledge. Current tools available are overly complex and they often require that you hire expensive designers and programmers to build and maintain websites.

  • Small businesses starting up with limited budget
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Personal websites

Edicy is built to simplify this entire process. Edicy is so easy to use you can build a site for your business or organization and have it live on the internet in a matter of minutes. All the tools are available online with no additional software required, just pick one of our beautifully made designs, enter your text, add your images and then publish your site to your own custom web address, it’s that simple.

Who should use Edicy?

Edicy is flexible enough to be used by anyone looking to make a website but our focus is on users who don’t know what programming language a website requires and don’t want to know.

Company Plan User amount Location
Famium Free 10-100 Local server
Panationa AB Pro 100-5000 Host service
SDF Remington Premium 5000+ Dedicated management
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Simple feedback

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